Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out of the Loop!!

So I've been out of the loop for a couple of months!!!

We've had a rough couple of months with the stomach flu, and colds, and the winter blahs (that would be me!) My eldest daughter was in and out of the hospital for 1 week at the end of April...which took a lot out of me and the fam...Thank goodness it wasn't anything major and she recovered and is back to her usual self...including turning 9!!! And my Baby turned 2!
BUT NOW...I'm out of my funk!!!!! And while I've been in my funk...I've become very behind on all my quilting bees...I'm SOOOOO sorry to all my quilting bee buddies!

I'm going to post all my recent finishes in another post...except for my Quilt for Haiti!!
It's all done...and been sent to Tammy ...who's going to get them to Rebecca...who will deliver them to the people devestated by the earthquake! This was such a feel-good project...and I love the way it turned out...I hope it put a smile on a little person face and a hug in their heart!


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