Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Caught Up!!!

Well...It's been way TOO long since I posted!! Life, as usual, has been chaotic this summer, and with this being the last day of summer...I thought I should post about my summer!

To begin...we had awesome weather!!! So happy that there was more sun than rain this year!

My 2 oldest children (ages 9 & 11) played baseball which is always fun...My 4 year was supposed to play but she backed out...we will try again next year!

For 1 week this summer, I volunteered as a camp nurse at a local camp, while the 2 oldest attended their first-ever overnight camp. We all had a blast and will be returning next year!

Then the 2 oldest went to Disney World with their grandparents for a week...while the 2 youngest stayed home with Mom & Dad...we did a few day trips during that week.

And during all this excitment...my husband and I were working as well!

AND with the end of summer vacation...is the start of a new school year!!! "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." My youngest daughter started school this year! Here in Ontario, a new full-time JK curriculum has started and our school is one of the 1st schools to start it...so she's in school ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! It's pretty quiet around here with only 1 child home...that's a whole other post.

So, as you might imagine...I fell behind on my quilting bee obligations! But did finally catch up last week...that too is a whole other post!

Hope everyone had as awesome a summer as we need!
Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Catch-up Continues

So...life continues to through wrenches in my neck of the woods. Nothing major, thank goodness, but enough to mess up my plans of sitting at my sewing machine and tuning out everything around me. This is near to impossible to achieve seeing as my sewing room is in my kitchen, er, is my kitchen table, and I have 4 kids!!!
This block I made for HandyCrafts of the Live Piecefully Virtual Quilting Bee! Due way back in March (SORRY Sara). I was actually intimidated by the Dresden Plate...as it turns out...way easier than expected! Live Piecefully is actually done now...I'm looking forward to seeing what the completed quilts look like...which means...I need to put together MINE!!!
Where did I PUT all those blocks????
This is the April block for Renaissance Rubia of the MishMash StashBash Bee. She sent out a few scraps of coordinating fabrics and we were asked to make a wonky block with our stash. I thinked it turned out great! I love scrappy, still not sure how I feel about wonky?!?!? I have a thing, I guess, about straight lines, and right angles?!?!? Who knew???
This block is for Shadrach Meshach & Abednego of The Maple Leaf Bee! She asked us to make a spiderweb block using the green 'kites' and a few scraps of random fabrics she sent us, along with scraps from our stash! LOVE this block!!! I can't wait to see how it all looks together. She also asked us to sign our name and our 'place' on the block, which I forgot about until I was about to mail it! Glad I caught it in time!
I still owe one block to it's3o'clockinthemorning of the MMSB...which will be finished this weekend!
Happy Quilting!!!!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing Catch-up

As a result of being in a 'funk,' I fell behind in my quilting bee obligations!!!
So I've been playing catch-up as of late!
The block below was made for Viv of the MMSB...
She sent out the white, and we (the worker bees) were asked to make a flying geese circle using our fabric of one color. I chose orange...I LOVE orange!! This was meant for March...and I sent it in May...I'm totally ashamed. Sorry Viv!!!

This block was made for Catherine of the Maple Leaf Bee...
I LOVE the charcoal in this block...and the green too! And I enjoy paper-piecing as long as there is plenty of extra fabric...there was some nail biting...and cursing at the seams...LOL
This one was also meant for March...and was sent in May...Sorry Catherine!!!

The next 2 blocks were made for Heather of the Maple Leaf Bee...she sent out pieces of vinatge sheets and asked that we make pinwheel blocks of our choice. We were allowed to add a solid if we wished...

The vintage sheets brought back memories of staying at Nana's house...and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this quilt is going to turn out...I'm thinking "Light & Airy"
That's it for now...I'm off to tackle the next set of tardy blocks!
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Out of the Loop!!

So I've been out of the loop for a couple of months!!!

We've had a rough couple of months with the stomach flu, and colds, and the winter blahs (that would be me!) My eldest daughter was in and out of the hospital for 1 week at the end of April...which took a lot out of me and the fam...Thank goodness it wasn't anything major and she recovered and is back to her usual self...including turning 9!!! And my Baby turned 2!
BUT NOW...I'm out of my funk!!!!! And while I've been in my funk...I've become very behind on all my quilting bees...I'm SOOOOO sorry to all my quilting bee buddies!

I'm going to post all my recent finishes in another post...except for my Quilt for Haiti!!
It's all done...and been sent to Tammy ...who's going to get them to Rebecca...who will deliver them to the people devestated by the earthquake! This was such a feel-good project...and I love the way it turned out...I hope it put a smile on a little person face and a hug in their heart!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charlotte's 1st Quilt!!!

This is Charlotte's very 1st Quilt!!!

She picked out the fabrics and pieced the blocks together...and with Mommy's help finished it off! Mommy helped with the rest of the piecing...quilting...and binding. I'm very proud of her!

Lucky recipient...the newest member of our family...Baby Will...my cousins son.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Potholder Pass Deux!!

These are the 2nd set of potholders that I have made for Potholder Pass 2...
The first set didn't look so good once I quilted them :(

I think they turned out very cute...Hexagons are starting to become an obsession I think?!?!?!?!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Mini Received!!!

LOOK what I got!!!!

Awesome pinwheel...and redwork!!!

This little pocket is such a cute idea!

THANK-YOU Stacey from North Carolina!!!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Bee Blocks

These blocks are for Karen of the Live Piecefully Virtual Quilting Bee. I love this strippy block...easy to make...and they always look good when you put them all together...How easy is that?!?!?! I think I need to add a strippy quilt to my to-do list!

This block is for Kandra of the MishMash StashBash Quilting Bee. Love the fabrics she sent (the birdie one and the grey with pink). She asked us to use mostly pinks and reds with yellows and oranges for good measure. I think it turned out great! This is a pretty easy block to make...can't wait to see them all together!
Sunday, February 28, 2010


I would just like to say how proud I am of ALL the Canadian athletes! You did us proud!


All I have to say is...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Mini Completed!

Here it is...
All finished! *sigh*

The back turned out magnificently!! I think!

Named after my eldest daughter, as it was her artwork, and the artwork of her 3rd grade class that inspired me.
They were working on artwork that was inspired by Canadian Artist Ted Harrison.
She was also my 'consultant' during the whole 'building' process.
It'll be off to it's new owner on Monday, as I've been home with the stomach flu the last couple of days!
I LOVE this quilt...and I'm going to have to make myself one!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

PURPLE CHARM QUILT! and the Mailbox!

When I went to the mailbox a couple of days ago...I received all this (plus a couple of bills)... SCORE!!!! (expect for the bills)!!!

The big package was 20 fat quarters that I purchased from Sew Sisters for $25 (plus shipping) so it worked out to be a bit less than $2/FQ!!! .... SCORE! ... I didn't get to choose which FQs so it's one big surprise!
This is from Pam in Orlando...part of a FQ swap...all Amy Butler...the actual FQ is from the LOVE collection...which I love!
The funky colored package is from Japan...part of a Charm swap...
And the forth package contained a yard of retro fabric...with an intended future as potholders for a special someone in my life!!!!
I also received yesterday an envelope with my Purple Charm Chain Letter! which contained 2 x 6" sqaures of purple fabric. I'm very excited about this! How it works is...I send 2 x 6" squares of purple, 100%, high quality cotton, to the 1st person on the list...cross off her name...add my name to the bottom of the list...and send the letter along with 2 x 6" squares of purple fabric to 4 other people...and then they repeat the process!!! If it works you'll receive 72 squares in total! It will be interesting to see what and where they come from!
I NEED 2 MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN! If you are interested please email me at preciousposies@gmail.com ... I will need your home mailing address (which will be shared with the chain!)
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As you can see, I've change the look of my blog...for the duration of the Olympics!
Eh Oh Go Canada Go!

During Family Day (a STAT holiday in Ontario)...my 4 kids and I, including the 21 month old, made 'Maple Leaf' sugar cookies...

They turned out great! We dusted them with some icing sugar...and had some with a big glass of milk! We also played Monopoly City all together...I came close to winning, but was beat out when I had to pay $13,000,000 for rent to my husband!!! Highway robbery I tell ya!

What have you done to show your "Olympic Spirit"!?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sooo...this is my fall mini...again!

I'm wanting to satin stitch a 'stick tree' to it...this tree will go through all layers...

However, I can't decide where to put, or to 'put it' at all?!?!?
Post a comment with your vote (including the number corresponding to the picture)...
so far there are 2 votes for #1!
#1 (tree to the right)

#2 (tree to the left)

#3 (tree slightly off-center)

#4 (no tree)

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hug, kiss, snuggle, caress, squeeze, smooch the one(s) you love today!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Up next...

A sneak peek of what I'm working on next/also?!?!?!?!?
A lap blanket for someone special!
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Mini in evolution...Part Deux

This is it! So far....
I've appliqued it to a piece of cotton muslin...

Close-ups of my rough-edge applique! (I apologize for the poor picture quality)

I started to appliqueing (I'm sure that's not spelt right!!) process by cutting the webbing smaller than the fabric and then ironing it to the muslin...however...the fabric started to bubble where the webbing was smaller than where I had stitched!! So I returned to making the webbing the exact same size as the fabric...so it's not quite as "rough" as I wanted!

Thanks to everyone who replied to my pleas for help regarding appliqueing material! I went with Seam-2-Seam Lite! Worked great!

On to the next step...

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