Thursday, February 18, 2010

PURPLE CHARM QUILT! and the Mailbox!

When I went to the mailbox a couple of days ago...I received all this (plus a couple of bills)... SCORE!!!! (expect for the bills)!!!

The big package was 20 fat quarters that I purchased from Sew Sisters for $25 (plus shipping) so it worked out to be a bit less than $2/FQ!!! .... SCORE! ... I didn't get to choose which FQs so it's one big surprise!
This is from Pam in Orlando...part of a FQ swap...all Amy Butler...the actual FQ is from the LOVE collection...which I love!
The funky colored package is from Japan...part of a Charm swap...
And the forth package contained a yard of retro fabric...with an intended future as potholders for a special someone in my life!!!!
I also received yesterday an envelope with my Purple Charm Chain Letter! which contained 2 x 6" sqaures of purple fabric. I'm very excited about this! How it works is...I send 2 x 6" squares of purple, 100%, high quality cotton, to the 1st person on the list...cross off her name...add my name to the bottom of the list...and send the letter along with 2 x 6" squares of purple fabric to 4 other people...and then they repeat the process!!! If it works you'll receive 72 squares in total! It will be interesting to see what and where they come from!
I NEED 2 MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN! If you are interested please email me at ... I will need your home mailing address (which will be shared with the chain!)
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