Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fusible Webbing v.s. Quilter's Spray?!?!?

I've got a question!!

I need to take apart and 'stick' my applique pieces of my winter quilt (the one pictured in the previous post) to a piece of muslin...the whole thought of taking it apart and reconstructing it make my stomach a little queasy!

Question #1 ~ Do I use fusible webbing...which is what I would normally use...or Quilter's spray? My thoughts being that if I use webbing...the quilt will become very rigid...and tough to quilt with the many layers of fabric & webbing (each piece is cut to only over-lap a little...not the entire piece). And if I use webbing...Do I applique as I go...or wait until I have all pieces in place > iron > applique? (that's Question #2) Normally I would applique as I concern is if I do that and get almost all the way done and realize something isn't lined up, or matched up, or who know's what!?!?!

The argument for the Quilter's spray is that the pieces are's very lightweight so it won't make the quilt too rigid or bulky...but is it enough?!?!

Oh Dear...perhaps it's too early in the morning for such drama...and I've thought about it last night, yesterday, dreamt about it...LOL...this quilt has my creative energy on overdrive!

Let me know what you think!



Kerry said...

Okay crazy sister - few things. #1 - why are you posting at 5am? Shouldn't you be at work?? lol. #2 - It's gonna be beautiful no matter what you do, so I don't think you should panic about placement of fabrics and "what if I mess up" (just go with it as I always say). Lastly #3 - I have no idea what product you should use, so I'm no help for you there. If I had to inny-meeny-miny-mo it, I would probably choose the spray because you are working with smaller pieces. :)

Amy said...

I have never tried the spray before, only the webbing. If you use the lightest weight webbing, it doesn't make it all that ridgid. Also, I would suggest cutting the pieces of webbing for each piece of the applique and then putting it all back in place just the way that you want it, then iron, then applique. But that's just me...I don't know what the proper method is. It works ok for me though! I love the way it is coming out btw!

Kendra said...

I use Heat and Bond lite. make sure it says "sewable" on the package. it isn't repositionable so once it's on. it's on. I would test it on other fabrics before doing it to your quilt until you get used to it. It is a product you need to use a few times to get it right.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

steam a seam 2 is very thin. Tack lightly in place, if it all looks good, press it down then stitch it on. THat's how I handle it without much issue but admittedly, I rarely work with applique.

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