Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Virtual Quilting Update

I haven't posted in a very long I thought I'd give a creative endeavour update!

This block was made for fabric lover of the Live Piecefully Quilting Bee...I loved working with these colors, and a lot of it was Amy Butler!!! I just LOVE AB!!

This "Canadian Sunbonnet Sue" was made for Cranial Hiccups of the MishMash StashBash Quilting Bee. I received the 2 red & white fabrics from her. Incorporating my fabrics with hers, I made 'Sue.' I loved making her, and have now become a lover of applique!

This wonky log cabin was made for Jennicakes, also of the Live Piecefully Quilting Bee. I love the colors in these fabrics. I initially found it very difficult to "let go", and go wonky, but have totally embraced it now!

This is the 'almost' done mini-quilt for the Fall Mini-Quilt Swap. I found this cute pattern here. And changed it a wee bit to suit working with cotton and machine stitching (I don't do much by hand if I can help it!) I LOVE it, and I hope my swap partner does too. I have, since taking the picture, added a crackled black border, which frames it all that is left to do is quilt it!
That's it for the update. All the virtual bees have taken a hiatus for the month of December, and will start up again in the New Year. In the New Year, I will begin a 3rd Bee. I'M SO EXCITED!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ben's Arcadia Quilt Top

Here are a few pics of my most recent work!!! A quilt for my 10 year old son...I chose the collection, Arcadia, and he chose the fabric within the collection. It's the biggest quilt I pieced to date...and I'm a little intimidated by actually quilting it!!! The backing will be orange (Ben favourite color at the moment is orange) with a strip of pieced Arcadia. The binding will be scrappy Arcadia with the odd piece of solid brown, orange, and yellow!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is the fabric that I was sent by Sara for the MishMashStashBash Quilting Bee! And Sara requested a 12.5" block using hexagons! Sooooo.......

Here it is!!! Not your regular 'garden' variety hexagons!!!
I just loved all the pretty flowers in the I played them up a bit! And made it asymmetrical for interest!

I had initially tried to use the applique stitch on my machine to applique these darling little hexagons...however, the quilting marker I used to trace my hexagons bled into the fabric, and normally just washes out with water, NOT THIS TIME!!!! It disappeared alright...but it CAME BACK! This has never happened to be before...and I started to panic a little!

So I opted for a satin stitch instead...and it has hidden the blue very well!
I just love this bee (both bees I am apart of actually). I love the creative freedom...and the challenge of learning something new! I know this isn't a hexagon-pieced block, but I think it will add interest among the other blocks! Hope she likes it!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Wonky Star

Here's my latest creation ~ a Wonky Star! For my wonky sister Kerry. We are both members of Mish Mash Stash Bash quilting bee!

This block was supposed to be back to her by the 1st of September...OOOPPPPSSS...but I was waiting for my new sewing machine!! Well, at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!!!! Now I'm on to the next block for September...hexagons!


I SPLURGED!!!! and it arrived Thursday evening. I have been waiting, what seems like forever, for a week for this beauty!!!

I LOVE sewing on this. I've only done one block so far...but am going to be doing a lot more!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here it is!!! My first paper-pieced quilt block! I think it turned out great. I was surprised at how easy it really was. This block is for Kritta from the Live Piecefully Virtual Quilting Bee! Next time I would try to find even lighter weight paper though...and use smaller stitch make pulling the paper off easier! Now...what to do next!?!?!?
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

???Quilting Bee Anyone???

Anyone up for a quilting bee?

So I'm loving my Live Piecefully quilting bee, and was on the prowl for another to join. I found this stash busting quilting bee - loved this concept, but unfortunately was too late to join.
So with the help of my little sis, Kerry, we've decided to start one ourselves!

A similar concept really...all about stash busting, sharing our talents, and pushing the limits of our creativity.

So are you in??? Wanna join us???? Or want more info???? Just post a comment here, or email me - make sure to include your contact info.
We're in the process of setting up a Flickr group for this bee, and will be providing all info needed to participate.

Just some general info about this type of quilting bee:
Those who wish to participate in the MishMash StashBash Quilting Bee need to :
~ have a sizeable enough stash (scraps or otherwise) to coordinate with pretty much any color thrown at you~ be willing to send anywhere in the world~ not necessarily have experience - 'newbies' welcome~ have a Flickr account and enrol in the group
Friday, June 12, 2009

Overdue Update

It's been over a week since my last post! I'm trying to keep up...but life around my house, is what I call "Organized Chaos!" hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary of June 10th! It's incredible how fast time goes by. Some days I can't believe we've been married this long...and other days it feels like we've been married forever! This year, our anniversary fell on baseball night! So we spent the evening at the baseball diamonds watching our eldest son and daughter play ball. So in lieu of a dinner hubby bought me this the weekend before out anniversary!

I've been wanting one of these FOREVER!! I couldn't justify buying it myself for no reason. He totally surprised me...because we already have just about every other gaming system known to man, and didn't really need another one!! It's not exactly romantic...but he knew how much I've been wanting one! He also knows how much I want to get rid of this extra baby weight that I'm still carrying around...and I don't have time to get to a gym between full-time nursing, and 4 children (2 in school)!

So next year...I warned him...I was expecting a lovely piece of jewellery for one of my fingers with numerous diamonds in it...and he has a whole year to save up for it!! LOL...and in return for that I am planning on taking us away somewhere (perhaps hot!) sans children! We never really got a proper honeymoon...we went away to Niagra Falls for 3 days with our 10 month old son!! How romantic is that!!! I'm thinking about going to The Couples Resort. My sister got married here this spring, and it was incredible...and it's couples only! gift for my hubby was this...

And he was very pleased!

On a crafting note...I haven't done much lately...I'm working on an expandable handbag found here.

I've sent Kat back her block, and am looking forward to receiving fabric from Shorty for July!

I'm also taking part in a fat quarter swap! And following my sister's lead, I placed all FQs in identical envelopes, mixed them up, and then addressed I don't even know who's getting what! All I will say is that they are all from the same collection!

That's it for now...I'm working nights all not much of anything will get done...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Virtual Quilting Bee

I am participating in my first ever quilting bee...a virtual one!
And this is my first block...for Kat!

We're just getting started, so there will be lots more to come!
Check us out at Live Piecefully Virtual Quilting Bee
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
AND, and, and....
This is 'Fiona' by Anna Griffin

I love the color combinations in this collection. And, well, I HAD to buy it for my daughter Fiona (3 - she told me to do it...LOL) This will become her quilt eventually!!! I have lots to do...

Not to mention the virtual quilting bee...which has begun...YIPPPEEEE....

Now...if I could just find that endless day...I can't seem to remember where I put it????
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So this is 'POSH'...and is going to become my 'Project Bag'

This is Timeless Treasures Asian Collection...I just LOVE the color combination

AND these are from Allison Jane Smith...way too cute to pass up...and will have a new life as a dress or two for my youngest for her birthday next month!!!
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Sam's Quilt Continued...

So...I ripped apart Sam's quilt...because, well, I wasn't 'feeling' it!
And decided to try something new!...
and this DISASTER is what materialized!!!!

It is totally not what I was thinking off...I think It's WAY TOO BUSY!

So...I'm going to, yet again, rip it apart and purchase some more 'Look and Learn'
block fabric (I hope), and try something else. Hopefully this time it will
actually turn out!!!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Obsession continues...

I've been waiting for this seems...
I've had my eye on this collection since before it actually came out..
And finally bit the bullet and bought it!!!

A Charming Jelly Cake...i.e. 1 charm pack, 1 layer cake, and a jelly roll!!!
So scrumptious!!!

This is for ME!!! For MY bed!!! I guess I have to share with my hubby!!!
Can't wait to start...!!!!!
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Sam's Quilt

Here's the center of Sam's 'Look and Learn' Quilt
This is my first 'fussy' cutting quilt!! waste a lot of fabric
doing it this way....

Doesn't look exactly as I imagined it...and had to change a few things...because the blocks on the fabric
aren't perfect squares...and are smaller than I remembered. So they aren't perfectly centered...

I hope once I have the whole thing together that it will look similar to what's in my head?!?!?

I had a hard time deciding which images to use...but was limited in my choices at the same time
because of the fussy head actually hurts...the rest of it shouldn't be so 'mind-boggling.'
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My Fabric Obsession....

Don't you just hate waiting for something in the mail?!?!?!
It seems to take forever...especially when it's something you really can't wait for!!!
Bills always seem to come with great regularity?!?!?
And so...I bought some fabric...seems like forever ago...and it finally arrived yesterday!

It's ARCADIA!!! I love the muted colors and the punch of orange...I LOVE ORANGE!! This is intended for my eldest, Ben, as he's outgrown is little quilt many moons ago...*sigh* seems just like yesterday I was making it!

There are 36 FQs in this LOTS of to decided WHAT and HOW????
Any suggestions...I was thinking a "Turning Twenty Quilt"

I also received a postal notice that I have a package waiting at the post office....
MORE FABRIC??!?!?!? I hope...I'm waiting for more... A LOT MORE!!!

I have fallen off the wagon...I need a fabricaholic anonymous group!!!!
My name is Carmen...and I'm addicted to fabric!!!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My VERY 1st Quilt!!!!

This is the very first that I made...almost 10 years ago. I made it while pregnant with my oldest, Ben. I didn't know he was a boy at the time...but managed to choose a boyish theme. It's been through 3 1/2 kids (4th one is still using it)...machine washed and dried numerous times...and even spent a winter in the trunk of a vehicle...and it's held up great!
It's not perfect by any means!! The squares don't even match up!!! But you don't know until you look closely!

And it was tied. I love the look of tied quilts...I love the look of all quilts, but tieing gives a certain rustic feel!!!
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