Wednesday, May 27, 2009
AND, and, and....
This is 'Fiona' by Anna Griffin

I love the color combinations in this collection. And, well, I HAD to buy it for my daughter Fiona (3 - she told me to do it...LOL) This will become her quilt eventually!!! I have lots to do...

Not to mention the virtual quilting bee...which has begun...YIPPPEEEE....

Now...if I could just find that endless day...I can't seem to remember where I put it????
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So this is 'POSH'...and is going to become my 'Project Bag'

This is Timeless Treasures Asian Collection...I just LOVE the color combination

AND these are from Allison Jane Smith...way too cute to pass up...and will have a new life as a dress or two for my youngest for her birthday next month!!!
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Sam's Quilt Continued...

So...I ripped apart Sam's quilt...because, well, I wasn't 'feeling' it!
And decided to try something new!...
and this DISASTER is what materialized!!!!

It is totally not what I was thinking off...I think It's WAY TOO BUSY!

So...I'm going to, yet again, rip it apart and purchase some more 'Look and Learn'
block fabric (I hope), and try something else. Hopefully this time it will
actually turn out!!!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Obsession continues...

I've been waiting for this seems...
I've had my eye on this collection since before it actually came out..
And finally bit the bullet and bought it!!!

A Charming Jelly Cake...i.e. 1 charm pack, 1 layer cake, and a jelly roll!!!
So scrumptious!!!

This is for ME!!! For MY bed!!! I guess I have to share with my hubby!!!
Can't wait to start...!!!!!
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Sam's Quilt

Here's the center of Sam's 'Look and Learn' Quilt
This is my first 'fussy' cutting quilt!! waste a lot of fabric
doing it this way....

Doesn't look exactly as I imagined it...and had to change a few things...because the blocks on the fabric
aren't perfect squares...and are smaller than I remembered. So they aren't perfectly centered...

I hope once I have the whole thing together that it will look similar to what's in my head?!?!?

I had a hard time deciding which images to use...but was limited in my choices at the same time
because of the fussy head actually hurts...the rest of it shouldn't be so 'mind-boggling.'
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My Fabric Obsession....

Don't you just hate waiting for something in the mail?!?!?!
It seems to take forever...especially when it's something you really can't wait for!!!
Bills always seem to come with great regularity?!?!?
And so...I bought some fabric...seems like forever ago...and it finally arrived yesterday!

It's ARCADIA!!! I love the muted colors and the punch of orange...I LOVE ORANGE!! This is intended for my eldest, Ben, as he's outgrown is little quilt many moons ago...*sigh* seems just like yesterday I was making it!

There are 36 FQs in this LOTS of to decided WHAT and HOW????
Any suggestions...I was thinking a "Turning Twenty Quilt"

I also received a postal notice that I have a package waiting at the post office....
MORE FABRIC??!?!?!? I hope...I'm waiting for more... A LOT MORE!!!

I have fallen off the wagon...I need a fabricaholic anonymous group!!!!
My name is Carmen...and I'm addicted to fabric!!!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My VERY 1st Quilt!!!!

This is the very first that I made...almost 10 years ago. I made it while pregnant with my oldest, Ben. I didn't know he was a boy at the time...but managed to choose a boyish theme. It's been through 3 1/2 kids (4th one is still using it)...machine washed and dried numerous times...and even spent a winter in the trunk of a vehicle...and it's held up great!
It's not perfect by any means!! The squares don't even match up!!! But you don't know until you look closely!

And it was tied. I love the look of tied quilts...I love the look of all quilts, but tieing gives a certain rustic feel!!!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009
I couldn't I decided to post some photos of fabric I bought at the Creative Festival a few weeks ago...

This is Look & Learn. I bought this to hopefully make a quilt for my baby,
Sam, who's "1" today! Where did the time go??? As for the quilt...some fussy
cutting perhaps?!?!?

The sweet duckies are going to be transformed into bibs...I think?

Cute Little Geisha's. These FQs are going to become pillow/cushion
covers for my daughters' room. Their walls are "Key Lime"!

Last, but certainly not least, I found these to make pillow
covers for my son, Ben's, room. He's growing up so fast, I have to
make sure that it isn't too feminine, or young! What to do!?!?
As for not being able to sleep, well, I'm sure it has to do with the youngest turning one. About this time a year ago, I was thinking I was in labour and preparing to head to the hospital...when it ALL stopped. Obviously things picked up again, and he was born a 4:41pm. A day I'll never forget, all day that changed our family forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SAM!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In The Beginning...

So I thought I'd begin with a photo of my 4 children in their matching Christmas PJs. Every year I make a set, and they get to open and wear them to bed on Christmas Eve. At the time of this picture (Christmas morning '08), Ben (and his goofy haircut) is 9, Charlotte (with the glasses) is 7, Fiona is 2, and Sam is 7 months.

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