Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Caught Up!!!

Well...It's been way TOO long since I posted!! Life, as usual, has been chaotic this summer, and with this being the last day of summer...I thought I should post about my summer!

To begin...we had awesome weather!!! So happy that there was more sun than rain this year!

My 2 oldest children (ages 9 & 11) played baseball which is always fun...My 4 year was supposed to play but she backed out...we will try again next year!

For 1 week this summer, I volunteered as a camp nurse at a local camp, while the 2 oldest attended their first-ever overnight camp. We all had a blast and will be returning next year!

Then the 2 oldest went to Disney World with their grandparents for a week...while the 2 youngest stayed home with Mom & Dad...we did a few day trips during that week.

And during all this excitment...my husband and I were working as well!

AND with the end of summer vacation...is the start of a new school year!!! "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." My youngest daughter started school this year! Here in Ontario, a new full-time JK curriculum has started and our school is one of the 1st schools to start it...so she's in school ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! It's pretty quiet around here with only 1 child home...that's a whole other post.

So, as you might imagine...I fell behind on my quilting bee obligations! But did finally catch up last week...that too is a whole other post!

Hope everyone had as awesome a summer as we need!


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