Monday, January 25, 2010

Completed Potholders

So...during my sewing process of my potholders...I accidentally did this!!!!
THANK GOODNESS I had enough of the brown fabric to replace it...phew!

Here they are...all done. They didn't really turn out the way I hoped...but still look good I think!
I wish I had quilted the argyle one along the the white lines instead of stippling...

AND...I hate binding these little get loops just right with all the raw edges hidden!!! I think next time I will try either the loopless potholders or the bindingless (is that even a word...LOL). Despite all the obstacles (and the binding) I enjoyed trying something new, and I now know that I don't mind the tumbling block time consumption, and that matching up all those litte white lines is a pain in the rump!
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Trisha said...

I think they turned out great. Nice job!

Marianne said...

Love the argyle potholder!

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