Friday, January 29, 2010

My True Identity

As all of you know...I'm crazy about crafts! And I find great joy in doing all of them. I knit...I crochet...I quilt...I sew...I paint...I do just about any craft. So during a recent slow night shift, I pulled out my cross-stitch piece that I am working on (for a biscornu)...and was informed that I was an old lady stuck in a young woman's body!!! Apparently all the other crafts I do are acceptable for a woman of my age to be doing...however, CROSS-STITCH was pushing it!?!?!? Now, I'm not an expert in the area of the history of cross-stitch, but I do believe that I learned somewhere/@ sometime, it was something that was done by women/girls of all ages!!! Geesh...

Oh well, I think I look pretty damn good for an old lady...LOL

Does this ever happen to you???



loulee said...

Yep! All of my needle crafts have at one time or another earned me the title of granma, old woman etc, etc. I just smile sweetly and then hand over the stitched baby announcement or what ever, that usually shuts them up! LOL

Solidia said...

That's so funny! One of the men I used to work with told me that I reminded him of his grandmother because I was always crocheting something. Oh well, since my grandmother was quite crafty and made beautiful things, I'll take that title any day. :)

Sarah A said...

I had an ex who was embarrassed by my "granny" activities... and that's part of the reason why he's an EX!!

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